I got an e-mail today.

The board of examiners informed me that I was awarded "pass" for my PG programme which means that I am eligible for Master award.

Really Can't believe my eyes! It is too good to be true.

All the hard work in these years finally paid off.

I still remembered the days that I was rejected by many schools due to my extremely low GPA in college, the days that I have to work at day and study at night, the days I felt lonely and frustrated in the tiny little room of Leazes Terrace, the days that I struggled for 12,000 words dissertation and slept on my couch surfing host's couch or in the library. I will never forget the moment after I stayed up whole night at the mix dorm in Switzerland and finally finished the last sentence of my thesis at 5 am. Everything was in such a rush that I even had no time to do proofreading.

I surely understand that this degree may not help a lot to my future career. However, because of this programme, I experienced an amazing year and fulfilled my promise to myself.  Stage 2 of my life completed.

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